Application domains Data acquisition; accounting; embedded and real-time systems; framework development; heuristical problem solvers; warehouse management; process control; analytical, discrete, and statistical simulations; software development tools; software reuse; statistics and data analysis; visualization; web applications (front-end & back-end).
Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluency in speaking and writing)
Methodologies Object-oriented analysis & design, structured analysis & design, test-driven development
Operating systems Linux, macOS, OpenBSD, VMS, Windows
Programming languages Ada, C, C++, Cobol, Eiffel, Emacs-Lisp, Fortran, Javascript, Macro-Assembler, Modula-2, Pascal, Perl, Python, Shell
Tools AJAX, Awk, CSS, Django, Emacs, Git, HTML, JSON, Jinja2, jQuery, LaTeX, Make, PF, SQL, Werkzeug, XML